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  1. From  the Editor
  2. Personal Info
  3. The Site in Review
  4. Travel Links
  5. Miliitary/Veterans Travel
  6. The Travel Planner
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Veterans can now order thier prescriptions on-line at

From the Editor

The Military and Veterans Travel Planner Site

  •            is a gift to:
  • Those  who are serving or have served in the US Armed Forces and their families.
  • Those individuals who because of physical, emotional, or financial limitations are unable to travel in the real worsted would like to experience it vicariously. through the sights and sounds of the Internet.
  • For anyone who wishes  to plan their travel virtually prior to travel to completely familiarize themselves with their selected destinations.
Simply stated, the goal is to enrich the life of others by providing Internet resources that hopefully can improve the quality of life of the site user. n the past 4 years I have spent thousands of hours developing the site using my limited writing and research skills directed towards the stated goal.


I am reminded of the famous saying "Old Soldiers never die, we just feel
and look that way". I was recently declared "legally blind". On Oct 12th I was  admitted to the Westhaven, CT VA Hospital for 5  weeks to learn how to live and get the accusative technology tools necessary to maintain my sight and site. It was a great experience. If any of you are having sight problems, contact the VA  VISS coordinator in your area.

Thus past year I hace survived thyroid cancer, going blind, a thoractic aneurism  and other physical conditions. One of the bright lights in my life have been my daughter, and my talented grandchildren.  They are the bright spots in my life that keep me centered and focussed.
  I recently attended My Granddaughter Casey's Pop Rock concert at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. My daughter sang backup vocals for Casey (I had booked my daughter in this club 24 years ago). my granddaughter Mary was selling Casey's CDs and my grandson, Bill was selling Casey's T-shirts. They are part ofmy legacy. Thank you  God. To quote Yogi Berra "It was deja vue all over again" Would you kindly review the following page o to see how beautiful and talented Casey is.
My Casey Desmond Page
MY Daughter Kathy, Casey, and I


The SITE MAP link located on top of the HOME PAGE first column  lists almost all of the site pages that I created.
.The Site Map gives you access to the complete content of the site.
  1. Access to over 2,000,000 travel links.
  2. The Best Travel Discounts
  3. Access to all the Military Space Available Travel Links
  4. Special Travel Discounts
  5. 100+ Trip Planning Tips
  6. Special Interests Travel Resources
  7. Resources for Military MWR and Space Available Travel information
  8. Information for Stranded Military Space Available Travelers
  9. Virtual World - A Valuable Travel Planning and Education Resource
  10. Over 100 Featured Cities.
  11. Newsletters

. Use it for quick reference The home page also contains the GOOGLE search engine for searching the site and the Internet.

Travel Links

This section contains generic travel information applicable to anyone who travels.
  1. .Air/Vacations Discounts list not of the  Internet Travel Discount sites
  2. All the Virtual World contains over 60 links allowing the user to virtually experience through videos, sound, music  and panoramic views our world including travel, education, and entertainment  resources.
  3.  The remaining section links feature other interesting travel information     

Military//Veterans Travel

This section covers the following Military Solace Available Travel links

and many of the other Military and Veterans Travel Sites including g the OCONUS Site

The Travel Planner

Thie Home Page middle column contains a step by step procedure on how to do a cirtual trip travel planner. It contains the  macro links the travel pictures, videos. world music. web cams. panoramic views, maps etc.

The section also contains information  on RECENT UPDATES

Recently I have not kept this section up to date . I'll work on it.

World-wide Virtual Travel  Tours

This column contains virtual tours mostly originated by me. Some quiet afternoon when you are not traveling view the following and send me an email to tell me what you think of them. They were a lot of work to do.

Boston MA

                 SPAT HEROES

People who fly Space A are very fortunate with the imternet support
provided to them at little or no cost.
Durk, John D, and Ann Crawford,
who recent;y took over Roy;s Space A Sognup site expend a great deal of their time amd money providinf Space A Support Services Alo the many others who post to Dirk, and Roys Board assisting others are to be commended.
They are trulu SPAT heries


Cherry C provided a lust of base space a flight opportunities and the people who posted the  info  on
Dirk's Space A Web Board

      Flight Information Providers
         (list from  Dinotaurs) 
 Anderson Marea B
Andrews Cherry C
Atlanta Danny Hamilton
Brunswick Burns Cameron
BWI Jack h
Charleston Bill Gregory
Dover -Jack h
Eielson -Carmon M
Elmendorf 0Carmon M
Fairchild E-dward Hall
Fort Worth- Jack Doshier
Hickam- Marea B
Jacksonville -Gary Dobis
Kaneohe Bay- Marea B
Kelly -Dan Lewis
MacDill -dinotars
March- Marea B
Maxwell- Marea B
McChord E-dward Hall
McConnell -John A Civick
McGuire- Jack h
Mildenhall -D.B.M. UK

Milwaukee -Gary W.Andersen
Norfolk -Edwin McConville/RWhite
North Island- Jack Doshier
Offut-t Joseph N.Bertinetti
Osan- Scout
Pensacola- Kim Rivera
Peterson- Jim C
Ramstein R-ob G
Rota -Edwin B.McConville
Scott- Greg Streetman
Sea-Tac E-dward Hall
Singapore -Edgar Inocentes
Travis- Paul B
Westover -P.Wisnewski
Whidbey Island -Gary Gilman
Willow Grove- Ned Madigan
Wright-Patterson W-illiam N.Cyzick
Yokota -Carmon M