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AUGUST 24,2004                                 Volume 1      Issue 13
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I would like to dedicate this newsletter to Roy Buckman and wish him a speedy recovery. His site
Military Space Available Sign Up, FAQs and Space A Board is the most useful and popular web site for Military Space Available Travelers.

Military Living's Europe Guide lists many Eastern European Resources. Read Ann Crawford's  latest newsletters.

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This newsletter features Eastern Europe. Click here  for airline, train, auto rental and bus information from Rhine Main, Ramstein, Aviano and Naples to these countries.


1.   Central and Eastern European Countries
2.   Casey Desmond's Latest Song
3.   Military Travel Discounts
4.   Mike Bird's Space A Story

1.  Central and Eastern European Countries and Cities

Before traveling to this list of Central and Eastern European Countries, check out the following site for passport and Visa requirements. Certain countries within the former Soviet Union such as Chesneya, Georgia, and Azerbaijan should be avoided.

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View the following list of travel reference information to learn more about the countries, how to get there, where to stay, dining and major attractions.

st basils
                  St. Basils-Moscow

View these selected city and country links :

Start with Mimi's Eastern European Web Cams

2.  Casey Desmond's Latest Hit

Click on my granddaughter Casey's picture to listen to her latest studio recording. Allow several minutes for loading time. While  waiting for the song to load, listen to this song. It's worth the time to listen to her beautiful original songs.


3.  Military Travel Discounts

We have arranged with a major European Bus Company to offer discounts to the Military and Space A Travelers. Visit the major European cities by luxurious bus travel. Contact
Golden Fleece Bus Lines at 1-800-GOLDFLEECE and
mention CODE:Mildum for 2% discount.


 Golden Fleece Bus Lines

4.   Mike Bird's Recent Space A Story

This trip report appeared on Dirk's Space A Board and was slightly edited by me.

Three weeks ago I was called by my friend who lives in Germany who's wife passed away. He needed my help badly. I drove up to Charleston. Two flights out to Moron daily with 72 seats each. I caught the first flight out. 5 folks on board.


When I arrived at Moron I caught breakfast at the chow hall, very good food. 5 of us split the cost and had to go to Moron city to have our passports stamped at the local police station. Moron is probably one of the most beautiful friendly towns in Europe. I want to go back and spend some time there. The cab was 100 Euros split 5 ways to Seville train station. I found out though you can take the mail truck daily to Rota for free. Also there is a train station near Moron which will take you to Rota. Rota's train Station is named Porto Santa Maria. Once in Seville we caught the train to Rota. There we caught a cab to Rota. No flights to Germany from Rota. Spent the night there for $12.00. Washer and dryer in each room so I washed clothes got a good nights sleep.

Sardinia and Sicily

Next day caught a C-9 to Sardinia and on to Sigonella. Sig is so friendly. People stopped and gave rides to billeting. I caught a ride with base police.$14.00 a night the same deal. Next day caught a flight out to Naples.


In Naples had a C-130 to Germany, 5 seats, 29 wives and children trying to compete to get a flight to Germany to try to get to the USA. 2 wives told me they had just been in Italy for 4 weeks and were homesick and had to go back to see mommy. By the way Rota said if I needed to return to the USA just come back there and they insured me a flight back to either Norfolk or Dover. They said for some reason dependents are not using their system to the USA. It had been quiet there in the terminal. I kept that thought. So anyway not getting out of Naples I rented a car with another fellow in his name. $48 one way to Aviano. The drop off was at the terminal there. We offered to take a couple of dependents with us No one wanted to go. It was their loss.

Driving to Aviano

We had called in advance. There were plenty of seats to Germany on the Freedom Bird that originates there. Over 200 seats either to Germany or the USA via Rhine Main. We had an easy drive, not much traffic. 80 miles from Aviano there was an accident closing the freeway for hours. No food, water, and running low in gasoline. When the freeway reopened we took the first exit off to a tiny village in hopes of food and gas.

The Accident

Just then a car doing over 100 miles an hour struck us. He flipped over twice into a ditch full of water. We knew he and his occupants were dead. There was no one around on this deserted road. We then heard screams. We got our thoughts (together) and ran over. We pulled three people out. They were walking around and seemed o.k. They did not speak spoke English. We said oh no! We'll be fried since we cannot explain our side of the story. Next a couple of cars came by with cell phones. They called the police and rescue folks. Within no time it was a zoo there. Hundreds of onlookers appeared. It was scary. "Hang the Yanks." we thought.

Two occupants of the other vehicle laid down and actually acted that they were in severe pain. The ambulance put back boards under them and neck braces off they went. Oh No! we looked more like the villains to the crowd we thought. The National police Caberanera (sp) came. They finally called in someone who spoke English. Now here is the lesson to all on this board. All he wanted to see is Passports, and International drivers licenses which we had. Nothing more.

All they offered the driver at Naples is extra theft insurance which he waved with his credit card. Come to find out in Italy the rental car company Eurocar had to provide the Insurance. He found it in the glove box. He said that this would cover our loses. He said in Italy this is no fault and no one will be cited. So then he gave us bad news. Even though our car was drivable we had to have it towed because the air bags are set and may go off. Makes sense. Now we are thinking how do we get to Aviano.

Out in the middle of nowhere. Walla! the family of the folks that hit us offered to take us all the way to Aviano air base via supper on them. This was unbelievable. They took us to supper and drove us to the main gate. The guards said they could go on base to take us to lodging. Lodging had one room left. I slept in the bed the other fellow on the couch. Had to be up at 6, be at the terminal by 7 a.m. A military police van runs a morning shuttle free of charge to help passenger get to the terminal. We arrived in time to process in. The folks at the terminal said this is the best place to get flights to the USA because of origination of the DC-10. They even got every CAT VI on and even announced more seats to the USA.

We went to the rental car company office located in front of the terminal. Turned in the business card of the tow company and gave them a copy of the accident report. We were told there would be no costs that the insurance would cover the car. They also said if we felt any pains later they would pay our medical. (lesson learned on Italy Rentals)


I arrived in Germany and took the free bus to the Main Terminal at Rhine Main and caught the train to Mannheim. Ryanaired ( from Hahn) back to Rota after 3 weeks. I then caught a flight out the next day to Dover.

Return Home

I got home in time to be directly hit by Hurricane Charley here in Winter Haven. Just got our power and water restored last night. There were over 130 MPH winds here in Winter haven. It looks like a war zone here, very bad situation. Many thousands homeless both here and Punta Gorda. We were blessed by God and spared our house and mostly our lives. This was the third most scary thing in my life next to me going through Chemo Therapy, My Pintatubo, and or 3 years in Vietnam.


Now the wife wants to do Spain or England in the middle of September or November with a couple of guys on this board. By the way, a lot of guys could not get out of Ramstien. I talked two into going to Spain with me. They did and both left on my flight. There was another flight going the same time to Travis which left with only one person with 72 seats. The guys at Ramstien had slept in the Base laundry each night for 7 nights, no CAT VI's getting out, no rooms at the Inn there. At Rhine Main over 500 dependents trying to compete to USA but only 45 seats on 2 Freedom Birds that day.

I wish I could be a bee in the corner at terminals around the USA watching these families trying to get back this late in the game to start school. Forgive my grammar and spelling. I'm really tired cleaning up after this disaster.

Mike Bird